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I really liked the music but I got stuck and didn't get to finish it hahaha. I'ts really tricky but I liked it anyway! I really hope to see more from you guys!

Very creative and original idea. Nice job on the execution too. Make more!

Very cute gam :3

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i like the spongebob

really bizarrely morbid. cute but a woman has been crushed

very nice to play! the puzzles were fun and it was a relaxing game

Nice game :)

That was a really cute game! I liked how the puzzles had me thinking, and no obtuse answers either. Really brought my mood up :)

Amazing fun! Until i reached a dead end, got stuck in the game. i wish there was a hint? what to do after i influence that one cat and can no more influence him? 

Good job this little game was very fun !


A great game. The puzzles were good. The cats are cute.


Honestly this game is so cute it distracted me from the fact that an old lady just got crushed by a bookshelf.

Super cute and sweet game! The puzzles were really well done and the sounds were really good although I found some to be too loud in my opinion. Great job! Hope you enjoy the video! 

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Thank you for making this heartwarming game :3

I spend an hour some time trying to figure out what to do at the sink.


this is sad but a great game to be honnest

What a cute game!

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As a cat person, this game is very cute! 😍💙

Even though it's sad at the same time...

Nice game, it was a great experience playing it and it felt bittersweet.

so fun. It was a fun and challenging game but the play-through really helped. 

I was smiling throughout the game, but as soon as it showed the credits I started tearing up...

I loved this game :3

this was so sad! I loved the game :) It was very cute!


I honestly really like this little game! It's a bit sad, but the point-and-click puzzles and the art takes your mind off of the sadness. The music is nice and calm, and the cats are a 10/10!

... i can't load

It is just black

nvm btw i can do ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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Really cute! But sad for two characters :(

Great game! will there be more games like this?

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Lovely! Posted a full playthrough video for anyone who is stuck at the game:


Poor fishy :(


A vague hint: If you are stuck, there's more to the tv than meets the eye. Very cute game, and the pixel art is amazing good job.


THANK YOU!!! That was the hint I needed to finish! (I would add… it has a second function, besides distraction). 

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I've wasted a lot of time on this game and I'm pretty sure there is no way to win. Though there may be a glitch in the version I'm playing.


i cant win it too fuck im stupid


Finished the game, its so cute! I love the little descriptions for each cat, It really moves the game along ;).


This is wonderful and I love the style and the individual kitty personalities, but I've been stuck at the sink for ages! >:( Everything's a little hidden in plain sight up to a point, and then I don't know what to do at all :(


Cool game, takes some thinking


It's a very nice game, the art is amazing and the concept is creative. It is a little tricky, and I've found my self very stuck on what to do next, but since it is a puzzle game I suppose that is to be expected now and again. Other than that, I quite enjoy this!


this was really really wonderful. breaks my heart the fact that grandma's body is lying there the whole time. Impressive and great job! 


This is really cute and well made! I'm stuck on it right now. :'D I'm gonna think about it for awhile and hopefully return to save my precious kitties.




Very cute, tiny bit morbid to have her lying there. Got stuck but aw, how sweet.


I really liked it! A lot of love was put into it. Great sound effects on the TV. 

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