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This is so cute! I love all of the cats q,q

Help me! I need help in the part that you need to move the black cat to the kitchen help

click the remote2 times to get the baking show where grey cat looks at the other way and the black cat can go through it!


thanks! But what do i do next? I still stuck

click the yarn and then click the mouse then click the sink (it sends all way but idk why im stuck in it)

Thanks! I finally completed it!

cute game! ヾ(•ω•`)o

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So there is Fredrick, Mr. Spock, Baroness, Pumpkin, Ponyo, Clancy, Geoffrey, Pickle, Edgar, Sniffles, Rufus, and Deborah. I don't know if I missed any, but that's still a lot of cats! Very good game, it's short and I definitely recommend it! Hopefully there might be sequel since me and a few others are hoping for one.


Such a cute little game! Thank you for for all your efforts :)

Such a treat - a really cute little game, thank you! Will there be more games like that?

rip fish

Very very cute game, and very tricky as well!

aw! such a sweet game!! i got Very stuck at one point, but i was finally able to solve it! loved it :)

XD That took far longer than I expected, but I worked it out eventually! 


loved this game, wish I could play it for the first time again

ooh, very nice game!


I featured your game in a video! While I'm not the best at 2D point and clicks, I did try my best! I may have messed up at one point, I'm not sure. I loved the idea of the story and that all the cats had little personal details and names.

this game is so cute </33 it took me awhile the first time, but then i reset and got it super fast!!


Awesome animation/graphics, sound, storyline and cool title.

Very nice!!


It took me way to long to do it but I completed the game in 55 seconds. Love the game. :)

Awww, this game is such a cute and cool idea, I love it :)

hahah, instead of that time when I stuck with that black cat it was very cool, I like it.

This game was absolutely adorable!

Very nice, congratulations!

(suggestion: with the addition of sound effects it will be perfect)

Loved this game! So cute.

That was great! Really nice point-and-click puzzle design!

So cute

:) love this cute game

I loved this!

Very, very nice game. Very much enjoy. It would've been cool to see Goldy's ghost, but other than that, love the game.

Love it

I really enjoyed this game! Thank you so much for sharing it!


Um jogo fantástico e com uma historia linda, eu coloquei ele no meu canal, depois da uma olhada ok!


Your game was made almost one year ago; my comment wouldn't be very useful then. But great game! Wow, it's so cute! For that, I would change one detail. I would keep the home as it is but make grandma, gone on vacation, appear on a computer screen on a wall; worried about her cats; trying to open the door for them with the use of a small toydrone. It would just replace the ghost sprite with a minidrone sprite and the gameplay would be the same. You can even transform the small appartment into a big house, with one computer screen in each room (grandma loves to watch her cats); each room being one level; it adds alot of potential until the last exit but also alot of work. And poor fish, why not send some cat food on the stove instead; the cat would leave the fish in peace at the same time. Like this we have one happy grandma, cats and fish >^.^<


Great game bro

That was awsome thank you :) 

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I decided to speedrun. i got 1m 28s then 1m 12s and my best time so far is 57s, ill edit if i get a better time, if you wanna speedrun im timing it from when granny starts talking until it starts to fade into the credits

Edit: managed to get 56s but it took a while lol

Was a super cute game! The amount of work you put into the game really shows as almost everything in the game has a description or a short story connecting to the cats and the overall backstory and the current situation in game. The puzzle was really fun to do though it took time to understand it.. Very well done and cute game!

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I am totally stuck, i have Geoff at the fishbowl and ive cooked goldie and have 0 clue what else i need to do. help?

edit: got it!!!!

Well, cooked goldie makes a lot of smell that goes up. Isn't there anything there that could help you get the smell towards the sleeply cat?

how did you get him to goldie?


Very cute game!


My poor brain cannot finish this puzzle due to some inconvenience. No, it's not your fault. I'm just too dumb for this puzzle.

very cute :)

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