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f for the fish lol

Such a sweet game!

i loved this gam

super cute my cats approved

Nice game!

Nice mood :) Well done ! I really appreciate :)


I really enjoyed playing this game. The puzzles were a bit tricky but I was able to figure them out.

An adorable, but bittersweet game! A bit tricky at some parts, yet it was enjoyable nontheless. Keep up the great work! <3

Cute and touching game.  Puzzles were nicely done.

adorable little game! i would love love to play more :) perfectly challenging

could you do a level 2? like getting them fully out of the building

Such a wholesome and beautifully sad game. I loved it! Beautiful art too.

played this game with one of my cats by my side :D

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What a fun little game! I really enjoyed it!

Any way to claim this?

Adorable (and poignant) game! Nice one :)

Very sad and touching game of a grandma who died in her home with her cats. I really enjoyed this game and i recommend everyone playing this game 


help i'm stuck

what do you do once you get geoffrey to play with the mouse on the counter?


change the channel on tv to the lion then open the tap ;)


I loved it! :D

sooooooooo cute game I added it to my collection


poor goldie

Awesome game

may I ask how the game was buggy?


book shelf falls* Granny: well fk

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thanks buddy you helped me

Took me a while to actually finish, but I loved it!


This was a very hard game for me, the answers aren't super apparent, but it's short and sweet! I actually had to look up a walkthrough...but it was super adorable, and it doesn't take up too much of your time. I would highly suggest!

veryy cute game kinda challenging but not really, but I really liked it... Good job.

a really good game but i would love to see updates because it was short! 

apparently the cats did not love the Mrs so much xd

Such a lovely game! :)

Very good, I love it !

Very good game.Its a little short though.

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This game was so cute and amazing! And I hope that the game gets updated and becomes longer! Maybe continue trying to navigate the cats to go to a pet shelter while going through obstacles! I think it would be fun!

good game 10/10


This game was cute but sad. Also rip the goldfish. Goldie's sacrifice was not in vain TT

Geoffrey MVP


its so sad that she died also good game


Poor Goldie :(


I finished it, but what was the fly for?

probably just for asthetics

when geoffery plays with it he knocks over the yarn:))



It is a very cozy game although i still can't get the baking channel:[

use the fan ! and point it toward the catnip then mr spock with rip the couch and a romote will come out the click on it ^^ hope it helps!!


Thank you so much^w^

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