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rip granny and goldie

This was lovely! The art is cute, the puzzle fun, and the game idea is really cool. Thanks for making and sharing!


Loved this game, great puzzles and lovely graphics. If you want a lovely looking, quick puzzle game then get this played. Save the cats!


took me a while to figure out the puzzle but great story. RIP granny

Just played this and loved it!

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R.I.P. Grandma and Goldie, you will be remembered. :<

I loved the art style and colors!  The music was cute and upbeat, but there's a sad n spooky aspect to it. Thank you for sharing, I wish your team the best!


rip grand ma

Very good game good animation and also very cool puzzle


A herd of cats is called a clowder, just saying.


Loved and awwww RIP Goldie

очень крутая игра с забавной анимацией. Загадки не сильно сложные, но заставили задуматься.

Очень жаль бабулю :)


Very good game with fun animation. The riddles are not very difficult, but they made me think.

Sorry granny :(


Good game! Sorry for grandma


Rip Goldie 

This was a great game, sad, but great.❤︎


I almost cried at the end :'( Such a cute game though

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dude the remote control was broken when I firt played in browse, but then I refreshed it and it worked again... Idk what happened, but I'm glad is not the game bugging on me \o

This game! Wow. Never felt so much heartbreak before in a beginning of a game. My partner and I really enjoyed this game tremendously and recommend it to anyone who wants to play a quick short puzzle game. The music is wholesome and everything about the cats are cute!


super cute!! I love how even background cats/objects have dialogue<3 feel bad for goldie, though :(


I think I might cry!! But was a cute game, and love the art. Geoffrey has a meow just like my black kitty (me-meow). Awesome work.


Cats, irony, supernatural...but, most importantly, cats, lots of cats! Play it as soon as you can <3


That ending O.O very well made game 


This was a cute little game! I got stuck a few times but quickly found out what I needed to do by playing around with everything. Wonderful job and keep up the good work. 


Pleeeeaaase more games like this! I love point and click, and I LOVE cats! I DEMAND MORE! 


hehe cats go zoooom

I loved this! Point and click and charming as hell! First game of the video!


i definitely got stuck when i got the black cat on the counter, but i realized now what i had to do. very clever and really cute!!


helpp im stuckkkk


where are you stuck?

are you still stuck?

i am :(

need help? which part


Very fun, and kind of sad. I love the art style!

dose it work on chrome?



Great Game! Great Pixelart!


great game! I enjoyed every second of it!


I think I broke it...

"deja vu" - neo


This is amazing


The cats are so cute and the idea was great


Really good job!

I loved this game!!! It was cute, short, and quick!!!!


That was cute puzzle game!  Let's also give Granny a moment of silence after her passing. 

my partner screamed when she died. 


How do I open the door I can't open the door please help because I want to save the cats

solved it?

Such a cute fun puzzle. Love the music, it reminds me of the old humongous games like fatty bear and the first putt putt.




i got stuck a couple times but i got so happy when the door finally opened and all the kitties were saved! the art and animation are sooo cute, and i loved how the puzzles worked!

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